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Playing on his rich family history, Colourmusic is the first musical venture of one Roy G. Biv--a descendent of the famous alchemist, Sir Isaac Newton. Roy’s name is not his real name, it’s a pseudonym to protect his identity, and it is based on the silly child mnemonic device to remember the colors R(ed)O(range)Y(ellow)G(reen)B(lue)I(ndigo)V(iolet).

Even though Roy’s name is a joke, his music is not, you see, Roy was born with a bizarre disorder called synesthesia. When Roy listens to music he actually sees color, and it is a disorder that has genetically plagued his family for centuries and had inspired Newton’s theory of colour music. The first album is a collection of songs inspired by Isaac’s theory on the relationship of colour and sound.

If you’re interested in catching Roy on tour, good luck, as he’s taken four of his friends who are all pretending to be him. Since he belongs to a family of great fame, it has been his wish to maintain his own privacy as much as possible. If you ever catch them on tour, plan to see five fellas who all pretend to be Roy Biv, and none of them are going to give away the secret identity of who their truly prodigious songwriter is.

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