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Multi-award winning director, writer and producer of film and animation. With his short films he has participated in more than 300 festivals around the world including SXSW, Cannes, Morelia, Huesca, Edinburgh, Annecy, Berlin, GIFF, Short Shorts Film Festival, among many others, in addition to being recognized with numerous awards including the SIMONA Gesmundo granted by the Italian Animation Academy and UNESCO and a nomination for the Hollywood Film Awards for his animated short "Mr. Wire's Nostalgia". In 2010 he directed the United Nations campaign for Human Rights Defense. In the summer of 2013 he directs the Summer commercial Cinepolis in pixilation (stop motion with actors) as well as "Mexicanos Primero" paper stop-motion spot for cinemas and tv about the reality of education in Mexico. He is the Director of the Industry and Market at Cut Out Fest Festival and gives lectures worldwide on independent animation. Currently he's in pre-production of his first feature film "The Morphable Man" and is promoting his latest short film "I'm Fuego" at festivals. In spring 2014 he will be the image for Cerveza Sol newest campaign as an independent Mexican filmmaker “Espíritu Libre”.

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