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Thanks for visiting my profile page! I am a composer, producer, and radio broadcast professional, currently living in San Diego, California. I’m honored to have this vehicle to offer my music. I love being creative and appreciate the gift of music that I’ve been given.

I have produced TV and Radio jingles for numerous local clients and have been lucky enough to have some FM Radio success (airplay). My novelty holiday song “Ugly Sweater,” under the band Mistletoe Conspiracy is heard on FM radio nationwide each holiday season.

Although I’ve been composing original music for most of my life, during the last 15 years I have additionally worked in the radio industry. I have vast experience as a radio imaging producer and morning show air talent on numerous major market commercial radio stations. I understand music from an artist’s perspective, but I also understand how, when correctly combined with a message (pictures, voiceover, or video), it’s connecting power with it’s audience can be tenfold.

The music and production elements you’ll find in my portfolio are of the highest quality. They are professionally produced and are to broadcast standards. You’ll find my compositions are made to create a synergy with corporate productions, podcasts, radio, wedding videos, iOS apps and games, and more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if there is something specific/custom I can help you with.

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