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Conceptual Art TV - Home of Revolutionary Conceptual/Contemporary Artist Lilith,

Nelson Mandela - AIDS is no longer just a disease, it is a human rights issue

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Dead Sea, Middle East -- 01-12-2013 – (World Aids Day) Curated from a combination of South African and Middle Eastern influence, popular artist Lilith has now completed a new online art collection titled ‘Black, White and Blood Nations’.

As a way to challenge audiences' emotions, break away mental construction, and create a paradigm shift, the influential artist known around the world as Lilith has made the concept of a new, online exhibition available. Everything that Lilith stands for and is trying to convey through her art can be attributed to the deep reflection of the temples at Kom Ombo in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptians would create experiences in these temples that would push initiates to overcome their fears to become strong and competent in experiencing the unknown thereby gaining access to higher levels of spirituality.

Lilith created this online exhibition as a way to encourage others to face their fears by breaking free from their present state and to explore what is deemed as the unknown, there are many things we reject because we do not know the truth behind it, and one of those things is people who are infected with HIV/Aids, we should rather overcome our fears by loving and supporting others who are infected with the virus, instead of pushing them away.

The completed series is a collection of art works and is viewable online through digital means using cinematography and photographic images. Each piece of art was hand picked for each short film, creating an original idea around and throughout all the films. From the streets to the middle of the dessert, each art piece was created using a variety of mixed mediums including tree bark, leaves, roots, resins, spray paint and acrylic paint. One painting in particular is fully waterproof and has been exhibited in the waves of the ocean.

The artist decided to create a theme of contrast by distinguishing male and female, light and dark, and street versus nature. These are the key elements of the exhibition. The colors refer to the duality of people's mind states, of right and wrong, where people believe things to either be one way or the other with no in-between; a black and white perspective that applies to many things. Lilith’s main goal is to provide a role model to help liberate women from the violence of domestic abuse, rape and infection of HIV/Aids.

This project aims to depict the Middle Eastern woman breaking free from her religious restraints. In the first film, she tears off her hijab covering her face, and the South African flag is revealed underneath. This is a symbol of freedom expressed through the art medium.
The colors of her deep complexion, as well as the darkness of her hijab, and burqa are all related in the sense that they are dark and unknown in the minds. “It is the fear of darkness that literally blinds us from seeing the truth inside and anything unknown, yet we somehow begins to believe it to be bad.” state’s Lilith. The website series also provides what artist Lilith depicts as “hidden messages” that are only to be revealed by the ones who look closer and who truly desire to experience something deeper, “Lilith’s mysteries are sealed except to the eye of understanding”

Lilith’s focuses through her art is on the color red, which symbolizes bloodshed mainly through death from HIV/AIDS, rape, and murders which happen not only in South Africa, but also The Middle East and elsewhere around the world against women. The red blood on the flag symbolizes the bloodshed that has been brought about as a result of this separated thinking. The use of the South African flag is a representation of freedom, as South Africa has only had their flag since 1994 when apartheid ended; it has now become the nation's symbol of freedom. Lilith likes to utilize it because of its six vibrant colors, as it has more colors than any other flag in the world.

Nelson Mandela’s most profound words used by that artist has been fashioned as the series' motto, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

The title ‘Black, white and blood nations’ refers to the actual reality of day to day life in South Africa, the Middle East and all around the world. In reality there is still a vast separation between the different races, religions, and sexes. Between black and white in South Africa and Jew and Muslim in The Middle East (especially with male and female) a lot of woman in the Middle East are afraid to stand up out of fear from being ridiculed or even murdered.

Focused on the representation of freedom from all religious restraints, Lilith is an Underground Artist who chooses to represent herself with the character of Lilith. The origin of why Lilith is the artists name is derived from the biblical figure, not known to many people, which is a representation and symbolism of going against all things religious and male-dominated in demeanor. Lilith creates revolutionary art by displaying it in original ways never done by previous artists from the depths of the sea, online, and in the middle of the desert tunnels of the Dead Sea. Lilith is rising and is here to leave her mark (888) in the history of art.

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