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Coog Radio is a non-profit online radio station operated and staffed by students from the University of Houston. Co-founders Conner Clifton, Markley Rogers, and Matt Womack came up with the idea two years ago, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2011 that the idea finally came to fruition. Coog Radio not only provides a creative outlet for fellow students to express themselves over the air but also introduces them to the world of broadcasting.

With more than thirty different shows a week and forty DJs on the roster, it is easy to find familiar favorites, but there is also the promise of discovery of something new. One need look no further than the university itself to understand why the station is so diverse in its staff and musicality. Show genres range from classical to electronica to international music while others focus exclusively on local acts. It is a point of pride for Coog Radio to promote and support artists and groups from Houston so as to instill a sense of community within the university and city.


  1. Benjamin Dickinson
  2. LMTO
  3. Joseph Kahn
  5. Tony Gallardo
  6. Jaime Martínez
  7. quemasucabeza
  8. Bernardo Quesney
  9. Michita Rex
  10. Enciclopedia Color
  11. Sonora
  12. sobrenadar
  13. Terrence Jordan
  14. Giovanni Guillén
  16. Turning Torso
  17. Stephen Farris
  18. josiah gabriel

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