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Because we’ve spent the last 80 years engineering smart designs that have changed the way people think about cooking, we think our products are genius.

We began as a small manufacturer of aviation and marine instruments in 1931. Our breakout moment was when we developed new technology for cooktops that was safe enough to withstand the high seas, becoming the standard for yachts around the world. The immense popularity of the cooktops led to a high-demand for shore side models to be enjoyed in homes. Ever since Kenyon moved into the neighborhood, we’ve become the go-to brand for cooking both on and off shore.

Since then, we’ve created a line of grills that has transformed traditional grilling. Our award-winning innovation makes our grills virtually smoke-free with no fuss, no matches, no lighters, no tanks, no charcoal and no flare-ups. The portable design, built with high-quality stainless steel, gives you the freedom to grill indoors or out year round. It’s simple, easy to use and ready for grilling within minutes, making it convenient for any busy lifestyle.

With Kenyon, make any day a weekend.

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