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I am Cooper Pellaton. I am an independent film maker, and I also work with a partner and manage Craymer-Pellaton Technologies. I have shot, and edited 10 films in under 6 months and hope to add more to portfolio soon. I am constantly looking for new personal projects, and am always in the process of creating more content.
I am finishing my professional certification for editing in Final Cut Pro 7 and hope to soon make the move, and become certified in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6; I also have experience in Avid Media Composer and am currently learning and soon hope to be capable in DaVinci Resolve 10.
I love shooting films, and hope to upgrade my equipment soon; my current core setup includes a Canon 60D and a Glidecam, but my true love lies in editing, and producing an amazing video in post. My outlook on editing is that through the cuts we tell a unique story, great shooting is a skill, but possessing the ability to tell a story through cutting and editing is immeasurable.


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