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Coral Guardian is a non-for-profit organization involved in biodiversity conservation, especially with coral reef ecosystems in Bali, Indonesia. This innovative project contributes to the empowerment of the local community through education and marine ecology research. The rapid decline of these complex and biologically diverse marine ecosystems has significant social, economic and environmental impacts.

40% of coral reefs and mangroves already disappeared during the past 40 years due to pollution, global warming, mass tourism, over fishing... Today, more than 100 million people depend directly on these coastal resources to ensure their food and their incomes. The disappearance of these complex ecosystems, true "Amazon of the oceans", has an important impact all around the world.

Coral Guardian is an ONG active in:
- Coral reefs conservation
- Raising awareness of the local communities and the tourists to the current problems which the reefs meet.
- The scientific research for the development in the aquaculture of marine ornamental fauna.

To achieve this project, we established a qualified team, young and committed to the protection and the conservation of the marine ecosystems.

The project is located in Bali, in the "Coral Triangle": priority area for marine conservation, with more than 30% of the world coral reefs, including 76% of the species of corals and more than 35% of the ornamental fish species.
In south Bali, particularly on Serangan island, the majority of the coral reefs was destroyed during the expansion of the island, 20 years ago.

The goal of this project is to take part in the sustainable development of Serangan Island. We wish to accompain the local communities towards this responsible development thanks to marine ecosystems conservation, that will enable them to obtain autonomy to preserve their local marine biodiversity, and will have a social and economic positive impact.

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