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(This Vimeo account was inspired by Kate Pocrass' "Sidewalks: A Journal for Exploring Your City.")
In the next four summers (SUMMER 2012 - 2015) my ultimate goal/vision in all of this exploring/documenting/adventure-ing is to really just get to know everything about my city - and its surrounding areas - that I missed throughout middle school and high school before I go off to college/into the "real world." I feel like I was so focused on traveling the world with my family - Japan, Australia, France, London, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Saipan, all around the U.S., you name it - that I neglected to appreciate the town I've been living in the majority of my life. So the only quick-fix remedy I could think of was to follow this guide (as well as deviate from it a bit!) and fall back in love with my childhood home. Wish me luck, and follow my adventures on this Vimeo, my blog (, and my Instagram (@jennyearnest).

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