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Web applications developer by trade. I dabble in music production/synthesis, and graphic art mediums.

Lately ive been getting into Processing after I saw Flight404's videos posted on boingboing in April, 2008 ( I have been experimenting with sound and animation and currently have been working on a few projects:

Live Pitch: FFT spectrum analysis of live sound input detects pitch in semitone/octave and sends midi output to synthesiser/Reason/etc for recording or live accompaniment.

Solar: 3D to scale model of our solar system. Has been more of a test project to learn vector math transformations, matrices, quaternions, etc.. has been moving along nicely. I plan on tweaking into either a music visualization or a simple space flight sim. I think it has a lot of potential and will likely improve as I continue to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of Processing, OpenGL and .. trigonometry :)

Repulse: My first attempt to create a music visualization. Not much to say at this point. It is very immature. Just playing with different animation parameters, color and alpha blending right now. Will be working on various transitions and add beat detection shortly. Strangely enough this started out as a simple 3D scene to test my QuaternionCamera code.

QCamera: need a good Quaternion camera for Solar so i can fly the camera around easier without coming up against gimbal locking issues. Have the very basics complete and working now but plan to adapt it into a robust library.

Where do I plan to go from here, well, Processing is my latest fixation and its opened up a world of new ideas to me. I hope to expand on my knowledge and push into areas of live Video Mixng, I like the idea of visualizations which are timed to music but also allow realtime control to change transitions, camera movement, etc.

I also think Processing would be a good medium to showcase some of my own music which I have not been pushing nearly enough. Being able to design the music for a sketch or a sketch for a peice of music will give me a lot of control where I take a project. Hopefully this will open up some new unthought of possibilities.

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