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Terry Jones is a Native American video artist, documentarian and educator currently living on the Seneca Nation territory in Western New York. Growing up on an American Indian reservation has given Jones a unique worldview perspective. Jones has a passion for sharing Iroquois history and culture through his videos and sharing of indigenous foods. It is Jones’ intention to engage his audiences’ five senses through his work. In 2001, Jones produced a fifteen-minute documentary called “What in the Hell is Corn Soup”. This video gives historical and cultural context of Iroquois corn soup. At the end of each screening, the artist offers a tasting of this traditional delicacy to his audience. Jones’ work is not only entertaining, but also educational. In 2004, Jones produced “Thomas Indian School Reunion”. This documentary explores the lasting impacts of American Indian Residential School on former students. This video was particularly personal to the artist since both of his parents attended this institution during the 1950’s. Most recently, the artist has been experimenting with Iroquois white corn. In the short narrative video, “ Knowledge to the Future”, the artist uses corn as a metaphor for ancient cultural knowledge. In his animated piece “Roast Corn”, Jones’ entire imagery was constructed with these ancient seeds. Finally, in “Savage/Future”, Jones composed his entire soundtrack using the natural and organic sounds of Iroquois white corn.

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