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Born and raised in central Kentucky, I grew up with rolling green hills set off by low, hand-laid stone walls and runs of black-tarred plank fences; clear creeks rushing over smooth stones and crags of rock; imposing cliff faces; waterfalls; trees that shed gold and crimson leaves in the fall and birth colorful blossoms in the spring. I climbed, I swam, I caught crawdads and bluegill, I explored, and I loved Outside.

I also grew up with computers, starting with an Apple IIe when I was in elementary school. I wrote programs and stories and designed flyers and school report cover pages, first on the Apple II and then on my family's 486, and in high school I got a PC of my very own. Locked away in the hospital at 19, I distracted myself from the vibrant, untouchable world happening in the courtyard below my window by teaching myself web design, and when I finally emerged cancer-free six months later, I kept at it.

In 2003 I married my love and moved to Augusta, Georgia, and these days we live in the Atlanta area. Though life and work continue conspiring to keep me indoors, especially given that my main job skills all seem to involve a computer, I escape to my beloved Outside whenever I can: state and community parks, walkable neighborhoods, even outdoor shopping areas. I love the water, too: creeks, ponds, rivers, oceans. I love to swim. I love to explore. And I love to document the beauty I see with my camera.

I'm very interested in stories and the many ways they can be told and shared. Working as a web producer in television, I learned a lot about what I enjoy in a video. I hope to start creating the kind of video that inspires. I'm also interested in writing, editing, content strategy, responsive web design, accessibility, and design principles.

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