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Designer, Animator, Temporal Experience Enthusiast, DJ, Philanthropist, Philistine, Telesocial Networking Gurologist, and Indie Shotgun Entrepreneur.

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  • Twitter - Thoughts on—and links to—design, art, music, and games, perforated with bouts of unlabeled sarcasm.


  1. Cineversity
  2. L2 Molecule
  3. Thank You For Playing
  4. Christoffer Bjerre
  5. Adam Grabowski
  6. Tony Zhou
  7. CHRLX
  8. Everything Is Terrible!
  9. Marxº
  10. Fatal Farm
  11. Erik Ferguson
  12. Kim Byungkwan
  13. Dugan O'Neal
  14. Michiel van den Berg
  15. Indievelopment
  16. Animography
  17. Chicago C4D
  18. Shynola

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  1. Cosmo Ray commented on Nest - Heads Up
    Nice! Especially diggin that rhythmic coordination between sound design and music