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Los Angeles native Cosmo Segurson, is an artist and filmmaker (second child of Jazz musicians Howard and Harriet Segurson). His film and video projects have shown in galleries, theaters, and museums nationwide, including The Echo Park Film Center, the Hammer Museum, The RedCat, The Kathryn Brennan Gallery, LACE, and tons of film festivals like the San Francisco International, The New Orleans Film Festival, Slamdunk at Sundance, The Austin Film Festival, and many more... His first feature "Nic and Tristan go Mega Dega" has been wowing kids and their hip parents alike on Showtime and Netflix. Combining his original scores, use of animation, handmade effects and imaginitive storytelling, Sunset Magazine has described his films as "...strange, luminous, and unforgettable."
Segurson still owes money to CalArts. Feel free to send him your thoughts and/or money.

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