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The Cosmos Music Group is the biggest independent music company in the Nordic region.

Our core business is the finding, the developing and the marketing of musical talent. We see ourselves as an allround music company that seeks to engage directly with music fans wherever and whenever they want to experience and embrace great music.

We are one of the most active companies in the region when it comes to local A&R and we are constantly adding new signings to our diverse roster. The Cosmos Music Group catalogue covers most music genres and today consists of nearly one thousand album masters.

The digital division is called IODA Nordic and through IODA Nordic, Cosmos Music Group’s artists and labels will have access to comprehensive digital distribution and targeted, automated marketing services in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland as well as the rest of the world. IODA’s worldwide network, which spans every major music market, will provide Cosmos Music Group’s labels with the ability to more actively build their international fan bases.

IODA is the industry leading digital distribution company for the global independent music community. Founded in 2003, IODA has quickly built a catalog of nearly two million tracks that is licensed to more than 400 digital storefronts worldwide. IODA's catalog represents a diverse range of music from over 50 countries and is exclusively represented in the Nordics by Cosmos Music Group.

Cosmos Music Group has six local offices in the four biggest Nordic music markets. We represent and distribute approximately 100 other local and international independent labels.

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