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New York, NY

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I'm a multimedia storyteller with a passion for world cultures, music and the arts. I currently live in New York City, where I cover arts&entertainment for I'm also producing my first documentary film, which follows the evolution of the New York underground dance scene.

I began my career in 2006 as a magazine freelance writer and photographer while living in Barcelona. Two years later, I joined the editorial team of The Economist publications in Bulgaria. As Managing and sole Editor of the Bulgarian edition of Intelligent Life, I was the recipient of the Grand Prize for Print Media at the 2008 MediaMixx Festival. Simultaneously, I was also Lifestyle and Visual Editor of bm, the business and leisure monthly.

Since then, I've lived in Amsterdam, where I was a music reporter for CODE magazine and; documented rural life in Burkina Faso and Mali; explored the culture and lifestyle of Tuareg tribes in Africa’s Sahelian semi-desert were published in GEO Bulgaria; and documented the struggles faced by children of illegal immigrants in the U.S.

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