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Celebrating its fifth annual year in 2012, Couch Fest Films is a cozy shorts film fest hosted in people's houses all over the world all on one day. During Couch Fest Films, lovers of film can sit shoulder to shoulder watching short films while stuffing their faces with the snacks they thought they had to sneak in.

Couch Fest Films is not an online event nor a broadcast event. We are a film festival that replaces traditional theater venues with cozy residential venues and alternative locations. So, on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, each host house and alternative location participating in Couch Fest Films around the world will present a unique program of short films that play on the hour. Festivalgoers are welcome to visit as many of the homes as they like.

A short intermission in the middle of each program will allow viewers to discuss the films and socialize. Participants will have the opportunity to interact, share and discover new films and fellow lovers of film.

Of course you want to attend Couch Fest Films! Maybe you love film. Maybe you like the idea of sitting on your rump. Well, that's kind of what we like too. So was born the idea of Couch Fest Films.

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