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COWORKERS is a fresh directing collective founded by Robert Larson and Nick Johansson who first realized their collaborative potential while working together in the vault of a leading commercial production company. It was here that they learned from countless masters of their craft as they helped create award-winning commercials, music videos and short films.

Being exposed to and inspired by the industry's best, they soon teamed up to make their own robust, creative content.

It began by forming an annuity with MOFILM from which they have been given grants to create pieces for such clients as Chevy, Best Buy, Walmart and Hasbro. The latter of which, a sprawling trailer for a mock film entitled A Thin Wet Line centered around a neighborhood Super Soaker battle treated like The Vietnam War. It was this piece that earned COWORKERS international attention and led to them being named to the shortlist of New Directors to Watch by Shots Magazine UK.

2012 saw COWORKERS team with Bandito Brothers to direct their first broadcast spot together, introducing the world to the Shaun White Supply Company.

In 2013 COWORKERS built on their success by directing a short documentary on a first time bodybuilder. The film, entitled SLAM, is currently being considered for several festivals.

In the summer of 2014, COWORKERS completed several behind-the-scenes films for Kahlua starring the legendary Jeff Bridges and a Russian cosmonaut. They followed that work up with some slick recipes videos for Kahlua’s most famous cocktails.

Look out for more work from COWORKERS in the coming weeks for such clients as CAA and Duetsch LA, starring the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Tiesto and Martin Garrix



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