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  1. eMotimo

    eMotimo PRO San Francisco, CA


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    I love motion control shots that make me feel. Coupling stunning scenery with beautiful music give me the chills and leaves me repeatedly in awe. A few years back I started a little company called eMotimo. eMotimo focuses on delivering portable, super easy-to-use, highly capable motion control…

  2. Dutch Simpson

    Dutch Simpson Plus Telluride, CO


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    I'm a cinematographer and editor. I produce original content for web, television and theatrical release. Based in Telluride, CO

  3. Colorado Division of Wildlife
  4. SWEETCanoe&KayakStuff

    SWEETCanoe&KayakStuff Colorado


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    Sweet Canoe & Kayak Stuff is a small company based in Colorado that produces the Sweet Canoe and Kayak Loader. Owner Dennis McKinney is a freelance outdoors writer/photographer with a passion for fly-fishing flatwater in canoes, kayaks, float tubes, and waders. You can visit my fishing blog at…

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