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Simon McCorry (Creative Cabin) has been playing the cello and making music for a number of years. His work is a combination of live instrumentation, found sound and processing. In 1996 Simon put together performance group IROQIM, entwining highly structured improvised music for cello and percussion with spoken word. Work includes TellTale Heart and Other Stories at the Edinburg hFringe and a live performance of The Starless Sky at Midnight on Resonance FM. In 2000 Simon refocused on music technology and works creating music and sound design for theatre and film - (with Will Simpson), Lucky Dip (Papercube and Livid Films), Tracker (Fluid Films), Beauty and Brains (Eggplant 12 Films) - as well as collaborating on installation – Memory Machine at Chertsey Museum, Project Blake sound boxes in Centaur Street and @MASS with Kieran Crowder, extracts from which have been released as an album under the moniker Amonism.

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