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Founded in 1995 in sunny Atlanta, Georgia, The Creative Circus is an accredited, two-year portfolio-building educational program for the creative side of the advertising, design and photography industries. In a stimulating, energetic building that feels more like an agency, design firm or studio than a traditional school, future creatives build portfolios that help them to land the best jobs in the field.

Courses of study include advertising, design and photography, but the education is not limited to traditional definitions of those industries. As non-traditional media becomes more and more traditional, the need to train creatives to think about the future of marketing communications is vital. At the Circus, students develop concepts for full-scale branding, brand extensions, product development, interactive design and innovative technology applications. Even a brand's revenue-enhancing creative ideas are explored and developed.

At the Creative Circus, classes are taught by working professionals - the very people creating ads, design and images you see every day. And the Circus is stocked with all the tools necessary to truly simulate a real-world, professional atmosphere. Wander the halls and you'll see three computer labs humming with 36 Mac computers that are so new they still smell like silicon. Wi-Fi throughout the building. And a bloated, jam-packed library full of trade magazines and awards books.

At the end of the two-year program, Creative Circus grads are armed with experience, and they proudly carry portfolios (or, more often links to their web sites and pdfs) that get them jobs. It's no wonder the Circus can boast a 97% placement rate.

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