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  1. How To Use Stock Market Risk To Grow Your Portfolio


    from Sequence Media / Added

    13 Plays / / 0 Comments How can someone take advantage of the upside potential of the stock market without being exposed to the direct downside risk? The Balanced Allocation Annuity with the patented…

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    • David Shrigley On Vice


      from The School of Life / Added

      3,231 Plays / / 3 Comments

      Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to this special sermon by Mr David Shrigley BA Hons. He will take you on a journey around the iceberg of the human brain and along the way he will point out various…

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      • Why B2B Marketers Need to Act More Like B2C Marketers - Paul Dunay on Marketing Made Simple TV sponsored by Eloqua


        from Jeff Ogden / Added

        1 Play / / 0 Comments

        In this show, sponsored by Eloqua (with a great content offer of the Real World Marketing Syllabus by Aberdeen. Download it with this link or the button in the show), Paul Dunay, VP of Global Marketing…

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        • “possible and remembered time” : Daniel Kliewer


          from Co-Lab Projects / Added

          123 Plays / / 0 Comments

          Co-Lab Projects 2012 Filmed and Edited by Sean Gaulager “possible and remembered time” : Daniel Kliewer My present work is about expressing the malleable nature of time and how the mind can…

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          • 30 Seconds of My Day: Oct. 17, 2012


            from Amy Rush / Added

            0 Plays / / 0 Comments

            El Pollo Mas Bueno is two blocks away from my loft. When I first saw the shop, it wasn't open. "Great!" I thought. "Maybe I can get some yummy chicken there!" Well, it might be yummy, but the chicken/ducks/bunnies/geese…

          • Soul Mates


            from freddietz96 / Added

            This is where I share with the world my understanding of “soul mates”. In doing so, I reference the life story of Larry Darrell from the 1944 W. Somerset Maugham book, “The Razor’s Edge” (said to…

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            • 04 Animación bajo cámara: Recortes, Siluetas y Collages


              from Barbara Diaz A / Added

              Cuarto ejercicio de animación para la materia de Animación Experimental I, de la maestría en Diseño y Comunicación Visual, México. En esta animación usé todas las técnicas que se me ocurrieron que…

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              • Patrik Ervell for ALDO RISE F/W 2012


                from DEPESHA / Added

                240 Plays / / 0 Comments

                For Fall/Winter 2012, Patrik Ervell collaborated with ALDO RISE and director M Blash to create a video reminiscent of sci-fi classics like Chris Marker’s "La Jetée" and Ridley Scott's "Bladerunner". “The…

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                • The Librarian


                  from Julian Dyson / Added

                  37 Plays / / 2 Comments

                  Third year Drama Production assignment. We were given a neutral dialogue sequence and charged with interpreting and translating it into a short scene or film. The subplot I developed involved a history…

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                  • One Day in the Country - HDR Time Lapse


                    from NotWorkingFilms / Added

                    7,708 Plays / / 29 Comments

                    First attempt at HDR. Introducing the "blur-lapse" (a sort of hyper-lapse, with DOF shifted in time frame by frame). One day in the countryside, from dawn to dusk. Camera: 5Dmk3 + EF 100mm 2.8…

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                    • Netflix - an analysis of their home page image


                      from / Added

                      Netflix has an interesting picture on their home page of what looks like an ideal couple with their two children watching Netflix in their living room. I looked at it and asked myself if there was…

                    • urnothere - interactive installation by giselle beiguelman & fernando velázquez


                      from Giselle Beiguelman / Added

                      124 Plays / / 0 Comments

                      URnotHere is a machine to create cities that confronts the hyperlocative discourse of social media interfaces. It challenges us to create a new geography of nomadic territories on transitory maps.…

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