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  1. Koxtrok™

    by KOXTROK™ joined

    291 Videos / 18 Members

    Koxtrok is a Counter-Kultur Community. Koxtrok is a international underground Think tank vault of avant-garde arts, Subculture and new subversive manifestations against the status-quo. We work…

  2. Comix

    by Thomas Cochrane joined

    402 Videos / 266 Members

    Anything related to Comics, Graphic Novels or spot cartoons

  3. For a child

    by Paolo Tonon joined

    382 Videos / 76 Members

    A gallery of video suited for entertainment of children form 0 to 6 years old. I made to collect footages for my daughter ( 2 years old)

  4. Toon Boom & CartoonSmart Animation Contest

    by Cartoon Smart joined

    39 Videos / 82 Members

    This group is for entries in our contest to win a copy of Animate Pro ($1999 value). Entering is free, details are here... http://cartoonsmartblog.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/win-a-copy-of-…onboom-contest/


    by TOTOM joined

    134 Videos / 70 Members

    Short Cartoon...

  6. Moving The Art - Motion Graphics Animation

    by Remo Camerota joined

    68 Videos / 74 Members

    A selection of Animated videos and Motion Graphic Design based campaigns, viral and adverts created by myself and other original film makers.

  7. Cartoons

    by Matthew Tully joined

    2,647 Videos / 535 Members

    Animated artwork with a heavy emphasis on character.

  8. 2D Cartooning Group

    by Viktoras Voronovas joined

    883 Videos / 498 Members

  9. Animation

    by Dayan Paul joined

    6,372 Videos / 1,483 Members

    This group is for independent animated film makers, and game makers looking to share their work, as well as ideas and experience in the field. I look forward to collaborating with all of you fellow…

  10. Flash animation

    by Cristiano Alves joined

    2,494 Videos / 1,086 Members

    Your place to discuss and view Flash animation!

  11. Character Animation

    by Yelenloud joined

    7,874 Videos / 2,753 Members

    This group is for all things involving character animation. I'm interested in seeing various styles and media including stop motion, traditional, After Effects, Flash animation, etc. I want to…

  12. BeatnikTV - Short Film & Animation Group

    by BeatnikTV joined

    6,038 Videos / 1,583 Members

    Welcome to Beatnik TV. We are a online TV station who love short film and animation! since 2008 Beatnik TV has grown and grown from a tiny acorn myspace page to the unstop able Juggernaut you see…

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