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Coachella Valley, CA

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Cristopher Cichocki lives and works in the desert of Southern California’s Coachella Valley. Encompassing painting, installation, photography, video, sculpture, sound, and performance, Cichocki's work emerges from hybrid experimentation and conceptual strategies. Throughout the entropic depths of the Salton Sea to the smog-hazed Los Angeles skies, he inserts his vision onto subjects of ecological decay and abandonment. By employing his signature palate of "radioactive" neon colors and construction materials Cichocki transforms post-earthwork landscapes, topographies, and micro-worlds into meditations filled with beauty and hazard. This boundless nucleus of subject matter offers up an intense range of reflection bridging disscusions between art, science, and nature. The scope of Cichocki’s practice amplifies the world around us while illuminating the ephemeral, continually shifting state of existence.

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