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CROP is an experimental documentary co-directed by Johanna Domke (DE) and Marouan Omara (EG). The film reflects upon the impact of images in the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 and puts it in relation to the image politics of Egypt´s leaders. Instead of showing footage from the revolution, the film is shot entirely in the power domain of images - Egypt´s oldest and most influential state newspaper Al Ahram. Throughout the building – from the top-level executive office towards the smallest worker – we follow the story of a photo-journalist, that missed the revolution due to a hospital stay. After resuming his work in the newspaper, his life seems not quite the same. His voice gives a personal reflection to the media ploys of the old regime.

Duration: 49 min Officially selected for: IFFR
Sound: stereo
Format: HD, 16:9
Language: english

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  1. Hi Marouan, Trailer looks great ))) Beautifully shot! May I ask who your DOP was? I am coming to shoot a documentary in Cairo and would love to look at some local talent - DOP's Thanks Richard de Aragues.
  2. Canon 5D Mark ii
  3. what camera did you use to shoot this? image is beautiful, and also very well framed.