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Michael Sean O'Connor was born in Leamington Spa UK on May 12, 1973. His father, from an Irish family, was born in Great Britain. His mother, from an Indian family, was born in Trinidad & Tobago. Michael was exposed to the music of Pink Floyd, Vangelis,Classical and Irish Music through his father and to Indian music through his mother. There was a piano in the home, and he started to compose at a very young age. Michael was seven when his family left England to settle in France (Compiègne). In 1985 Michael Sean developed a passion for electronic music while listening to bands in the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242, Jean Michel Jarre, OMD, Camouflage. He composed music with an old Yamaha synthesizer borrowed from his friend David Grouard. His family was going through hardship at the time and he had to wait untill 1999 before he could get his first synthesizer, a Roland JX305. In 1999, he named his musical project Cross Angel.

Music career:

Michael Sean O'Connor worked in a factory from 1999 to 2006. He invested his income into several electronic instruments such as the KARMA workstation, a theremin, an electribe EMX1, a KaossPad and computer for video mixing.
In 2006 he begins his first solo shows. Shortly after Lucie Barros joins in and becomes the VJ of Cross Angel. Later Guillaume Brecg offers to play the didgeridoo at some live shows, and he becomes a member of the Cross Angel Project in 2007.
That same year Michael Sean meets Sébastien Pamart, a fan of Jean Michel Jarre. Sebastien made Cross Angel's own Laser Harp and has been working on it with Michael Sean at every live performance.


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