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Over the years, I have worked on TV spots, feature-length & short documentaries, national corporate & non-profit video, reality TV, feature film, short films & the like. I have played the role of Producer, Director, 1st A.D., Location Manager, Grip, PA, VO, Editor and so on, and have experience in location scouting, casting, original music composition, managing a small production company, and even driving a big ol’ grip truck.

On the creative side, I adore the process of storytelling, and am in the field because I love it so. I work hard, love being part of a team and consider my work a form of play. While producer skills run in my veins, my true love is directing. After directing a project, I can hardly wait to come back to the edit room to see the footage come alive.

I am currently in the process of working on my own labor of love – a feature length doc about PLAY in the modern world. (Check it out here:! Also, I have other professional videos in my albums that will not show up due to password protection (most of them in fact). Should you like to see some samples of work I have produced, directed and edited, please just drop me a line at: crystal (at) syncproductions (dot) tv, and I will be more than happy to oblige.

Have a beautiful day!

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