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Collective Thought Media shoots high definition 1080p digital video using Canon digital SLRs. These revolutionary high definition digital video cameras deliver sharp, detailed image quality paired with the full range of Canon EOS lenses. We use multiple continuous lights setup to record in almost any situation. Once your video is captured, it’s safely stored on our large RAID hard drives. We can edit your HD video using Adobe Premiere and After Effects, and can deliver your video in any format, ready for physical or online distribution.

Collective Thought Media also specializes in content publishing solutions for small and medium businesses, magazines and creative professionals. We are able to provide marketing and publishing solutions for both print and web covering: brand and identity design, magazine / book / multi-page publications, print marketing colleteral, web interface design, mobile content delivery and social media marketing. The strength of Collective Thought Media is that we combine web application programming with creative user interfaces, while at the same time providing seamless direction on photography, videography, branding and print.

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