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Claudia is a London-based filmmaker whose work encompasses many different styles and genres. She often works in a film-essay style, using a low-tech, experimental and poetic approach to images and sounds. Claudia is also dedicated to use video as a tool for social change; currently she is producing a new feature documentary about the housing crisis in London 'Give us space'. Past work includes experimental films, music videos, AV live sets, documentaries and 2 full-length feature films [‘Nights’ won ‘The critic’s week award’ in 2000 at the Venice Film Festival]. In 2006 Claudia founded Holon film LAB, a hub to produce her independent low-budget videos, also focusing on collaborations and creative education.

Claudia also works as a freelancer and collaborates with others - making videos for campaigns, filming gigs and events, short documentaries, live visuals & projections for shows (theater/dance/djs). Claudia works in an ethical way, at affordable prices, usually without a crew, filming and editing with her own professional HD equipment and she designs platforms to distribute work online.

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