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CUNTemporary provides listings of exhibitions, talks and events in London at the intersection of Visual Arts, Feminism and Queer. Parallel to the listings, CUNTemporary brings together a multidisciplinary group of members to curate exhibitions, host screenings and organise discussions and artist talks. We organise collaboratively, organically, rhizomatically with like-minded people. We function on a not-for-profit basis where all our surplus income is used for events and to commission new work by artists.

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  1. Francesca Fini
  2. LEAK
  3. Maria Teresa Gavazzi
  4. Victor Ivanov
  5. Rachel Maclean
  6. AIR Antwerpen
  7. shirin fahimi
  8. Iacopo Zanon
  9. Urszula Kluz-Knopek
  10. Andie Macario
  11. Lewis G. Burton
  12. nicola ruben montini
  13. ingrid berthon-moine
  14. Laura Jane Cooper
  15. Stella Rosa McDonald

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