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CUTAWAY started out in 1999 as a film production studio catering to the business and public sectors. Over the past decade dozens of image, publicity, safety, product related and internet films have been produced for a wide range of businesses and public entities. Today, the studio has extended its areas of operation beyond film production and added advanced services such as: aerial photography, a green filming studio including a teleprompter, filming conferences and workshops with Multi Cam and building an Event Mini Site, integration of presenters on websites, three-dimensional and two-dimensional animation, etc.

We at CUTAWAY believe that every film begins with mutual brainstorming with the customer, ongoing availability and an informal relationship.
The structure and specifications of the script are tailored to suit the customer, his needs and his budget, using advanced technologies to accomplish what, at times, would be considered impossible…

The value of professionalism is our motto, and we are thus fully committed to providing you with the optimal solution ideally suited to your goal.

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