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Baltimore, MD

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First and foremost, I am a lover of food, friends, family, fun, movies, sports, concerts, cocktails & the ocean. I consider myself to be a very fair critic, have the patience of a saint, and choose every battle very wisely!

As the son of a retired U.S. Air Force officer, I spent most of my childhood traveling around the country and the world with a great deal of my formative years being raised in Europe. I attribute my world-view and character to this upbringing abroad. Traveling the world at a young age and seeing how fortunate I was compared to people in other countries made a deep impression, laying a firm foundation for the power of compassion. After settling in Maryland I became a partner in my first printing firm in my early twenties and have been in the printing industry ever since. As a young entrepreneur this platform enabled & encouraged me to be an advocate for people in my community and beyond, something firmly instilled in me by my father and a trait I hope to pass on to my son. Cast member on Reality Television Show, Good Fellas of Baltimore, I support & sponsor many networking organizations in the area and I am one of the founding members of Network For a Cure, Baltimore Business Networking & Baltimore Means Business.

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