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Cybersonica is an annual celebration of electronic music, sonic art and audiovisual experimentation.

Now in its eighth year, Cybersonica a key destination for anyone interested in the theory and practice of how new technologies are shaping and changing the way musicians, digital artists, audiovisualisers and creative software developers make and present their work. Our programming brings together a vibrant community of sonic and audiovisual innovation, nurtures new talent and showcases the freshest and latest work in the field.

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  1. ixi audio
  2. Ryan Jordan
  3. Mike Blow
  4. digital funfair
  5. fat_butcher
  6. Alison Ballard
  7. Yiannis Chatzikonstantinou
  8. Sam Meech
  9. simon blackmore
  10. Jens Heinen
  11. Elliot Woods
  12. Kinetica Museum
  13. Jude Greenaway
  14. Oddscene
  15. D-Fuse
  16. Bruno Mathez
  17. M-O-T-H
  18. Kyle McDonald

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