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Currently active in London, Swiss-born Rwandan documentary filmmaker Cynthia Butare is enrolled in the MA course in Documentary Practice at world-ranked Brunel University. Like many young Africans, Cynthia has always been caught between two cultures. Her true colours emerged when, in her third year of university in Manchester, she created KICKIN’ IT WITH THE KINKS, a documentary on the complexities of hair care among women of African descent.

She is currently engaged in a number of new films, including documentaries on several diverse but linked topics: the rise of YouTube web series among members of the Black community in the UK; the experiences of Black gay couples in the UK; and a short portrait film on Ishimwa, a ballet dancer who lost his mother during the genocide in Rwanda.

Already in the planning stages of a new film on the return of young Rwandans from the diaspora, Cynthia's long-term goal is to illustrate that “there is more than one way to be Black” – as the media has thus far largely failed to do – while highlighting the diversity of African cultures, narratives and diasporas through her documentaries.

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