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Creative Sound Design & Original Music Studio.

I am always interested in non commercial / experimental collaborations. Contact me with any requests or ideas.

CypherAudio was formed in 2000 by John Black to create custom sound design and music for picture. Since then it has become a full service studio with a small select team, dedicated to creative audio for any medium that utilizes sound. We have been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented designers, directors and studios over the years on hugely varying projects, from curated experimental pieces to longer term direct to client commissions. We actively seek out like minded collaborators who we know will be challenging and exciting to work with, and luckily many have approached us as well.

We create custom, creative sound design and original music experiences for curated art, commercial, feature film, broadcast network, gaming, interactive, site-specific installation and mobile applications.

John is also a News Editor at Designing Sound :

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