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I-Metra is a self-educted young Artist and Dj from St.Petersburg,Russia. I-Metra started his music way from Reggae in 2005 by listening Bob Marley,same time he started to write his own songs and after few years he gave a debut performance and started to perform in the clubs of Penza City(Russia) where he moved because of his family needs. In 2008 he first heared of Dubstep music that has been played by his friend, after that time he decided to connect his life with Broken Rhythms music such as Dubstep,Jungle and Drum&Bass. In 2009 I-Metra moved to Northern Cyprus were found a producer and in early 2010 he finally recorded his first reggae songs in studio. Same year started to learn how to Dj and played in some Bars of N.Cyprus. In summer 2011 he organised an Underground movement by creating a facebook page and group "CYPRUS BASS" ( ), which is getting popular very slowly but surely.

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