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Cyril Mahe was born on August 31th 1977 in France.

A music fan from the start he started as a musician in his teens.

His first major success came with the rap group 2BAL 2NEG' in 1996 (Platinum record in France).

Few years later Cyril founded his own label Niroshima, signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV.

The same year he opened up his recording studio in Paris and started to produce music for various Artist:

Assassin,Julie Zenati, Lord Kossity , Clara Morgan,Sniper, KRS1, Immortal Technique..

In 2007 Cyril moved to the USA.

In 2008 he will put his hands on his first camera from there he will shoot everything and anything non stop ,from fashion with SACHIKA, music videos for Napoleon Da Legend, Sean Price,Mpire,Video segments for The Queens Tribune and Re-Invention TV,event for Tony Touch...

Cyril will release his first webserie BACK TO BASICS in September 2011,followed by THE DEVIL MAY CARE in 2013.

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