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  1. 01:42:59

    Dal Libraries UnZipped

    by Dalhousie Libraries

    22 Videos

    Lightning presentations on hot topics relating to your research

  2. 00:00

    Searching Databases

    by Dalhousie Libraries

    10 Videos

    These tutorials show you basic search techniques for databases

  3. 00:43

    Tips from Librarians

    by Dalhousie Libraries

    4 Videos

    We tell you how it is, where it is, and what do to with it.

  4. 00:00

    Canadian Literary Collections Project (CLCP) Public Reading Series

    by Dalhousie Libraries

    9 Videos

    The CLCP provides a venue for both established and emerging writers, with special emphasis on those of the Maritime region. The reading series also profiles creative writing on the Dalhousie University…

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