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Damien Steck is an award-winning french director based in Los-Angeles.

Damien has a particular sensitivity, a personal touch. His films are marked by a certain poetry. Passionate by motion graphics and design, he developed a refined aesthetic, through his choices of cinematography and use of graphics in post production. His curiosity for new trends led him to make “Eyes Wide Open” in stereoscopic 3D in 2010, for Bouygues (awarded in Brazil, France and Portugal).

Damien has worked on corporate identities, shorts films, feature films, music videos, commercials and title sequences as a director and a director of photography.

Damien has evolved in his own unique way of treating images in video. He thrives on projects where he can apply his knowledge and expertise across several roles, taking on the responsabilities of director, director of photography, editor and 2D motion designer in a personal and productive way. This makes for an effective cohesion of ideas from concept to final product.

OUKA-Studio company has been
created by Damien STECK to share
projects all around the world.

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