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London, England

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Born in Belgrade, Serbia in the early 90s, I was relocated to London at the age of 6.
In my teens I discovered rock'n'roll, and I play drums in a London based metal band, while also creating a one man punk project.
Recently I discovered the medium of film...


  1. Ermete Ricci
  2. Daniel Ashton Lloyd
  3. Jamie Sims
  4. Sam Morrill
  5. Prestigious Films
  6. Christian Sorensen Hansen
  7. Samuel Gonzalez Jr.
  8. Jeremy Larter
  9. Rowan Strang
  10. Matt Kleiner
  11. RoBeR
  12. Thru A Lens Media
  13. Duilio Scalici
  14. ESKMO
  15. Payal Kapadia
  16. Fred L Epee
  18. Andy Waplinger

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  1. this film is very different to the ones that I have watched on Vimeo, it has a special feel to it I think its because we get to know the character really well throughout the film.What I like about the film is that there is no dialogue, you have to…