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In the lead-up to London 2012, I was recruited by Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium to deliver high-energy, athlete-centric video profiles of key Olympians, including Simon Whitfield, Michelle Stilwell, Julia Wilkinson, and the Men's and Women's National Rowing Teams.

I am now working on many projects with key Canadian athletes/Olympians across many winter sports, producing Athlete Profiles for CBC's Sochi 2014 broadcast. None will be posted before the broadcast, so hang tight, and tune-in to CBC during Sochi 2014 to see them!

I excel at creatively capturing high-performance athletes' unique stories. Capturing emotions and feelings, using epic camera work and attention to all the fine details, is essential to delivering engaging and memorable experiences for the target audience.

Please contact me with any inquiries at: danbatchelor.com

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