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"Dance is a language. It's not about the steps or the counts. It's about the music. It's about using your body to interpret the rhythm of music. Dance is our language and we want to make it yours too."

- Vineet Bangera , Dance Central.

Welcome to Dance Central! We will empower you with everything you need. This is where you learn to communicate in this universal language. The Company is a holistic Centre which provides Quality training, high-end dance apparel as well as strong career options.

Change the way you listen.. Change the way you talk. Open your mind to new perspectives on Urban, Latin and Western Dance forms. Dance Central will Re-tune your ears to music... teach you to communicate again... We will make you Re-think dance!

Initially founded as The Dance Factory and now rebranded as Dance Central, the institute was founded with a vision that nurtures quality artists whose talent and skill is their own certificate in dance.

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