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Popular music's greatest mystery is not whether or not Led Zeppelin got busy with a groupie and a mud shark, nor whether Stevie Nicks once had an assistant blow cocaine up her bum, but working out just who it was who said this: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."

It's been attributed to everyone from Elvis Costello to Miles Davis to Frank Zappa to Steve Martin, though throughout it all one thing rings true: most people think rock criticism is a contradiction in terms. Sure, they might flick through Rolling Stone in the supermarket checkout, but writing and talking about music? Isn't that just what Molly used to do on Hey Hey?

Dancing About Architecture is here to change that.

A frequently hilarious, always vibrant, funny and engaging panel show, presented by some of Australia's brightest voices in rock criticism, Dancing will find its hosts, well, dancing about architecture: talking about music. Whether it's the latest or the greatest, from CDs to DVDs and MP3s, music blogs to boutique 7" labels, Dancing wants to talk about it - and tell you all about it. The show will demonstrate that music criticism is much more than a buying guide: it is an art, and one that you will quickly grow to love.

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