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Daniela graduated cum laude from The Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna majoring in Communication design. “Aerosol Art as a Space Revolution” was her senior thesis. Throughout college she worked as dance instructor and she also pursued her career as an assistant fashion designer for Italian brands and as head designer for urban street wear brands. Upon graduating she was selected to participate in a Video-Set Technicians course at the Aldini Valeriani Institute, after which she started to collaborate with a many independent film productions to make short films, documentaries, video-clips, and advertising. Having an interest in hip-hop culture, she was part of the troupe that made the documentary Versibus Alternis, “Alternate Verses,” a unique project about freestyling that was screened in events around Italy. Her t-shirt collection also sold out and she collaborated with graphic designers and illustrators.The short film “Everything is as It Seems” was her first time as Director, and it was selected for the New York Independent Film Festival in 2010. It was screened at EAST VILLAGE CINEMA in New York City in 2010.

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