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Daniela Hochmurth, FreeriderIn

Born: Vorchdorf / AUT
Height: 170 cm 
Home mountain : Kasberg / AUT 
E-mail: danielahochmuth.ch@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/HochmuthD
Nick name: princess warrior
Product Sponsors:  Motion Sports (Jones Snowboards, Now Bindings, Dye Goggles,…) Bern Unlimited
Profession: Developer Apparel & MSc Product Management, Lector for Innovation and Sustainibility in Outdoorindustry
FWQ 2014: 1st year competing; Overall ranking 2013/14: 13th place, "rockie of the year"; Engadinsnow 3*: 3th place; Adrenalin Jasna 3*: 4th place; Open Faces Obergurgel 4*: 4th place
Vision: Live your dreams don't dream your life