Daniel Dai Plus

New Jersey

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Cinematographer | Photographer | Editor

M3 Crew
Head of Cinematography

Canon 5DmkIII
Canon 5dmkII
24mm f/1.4
50mm f/1.2
135mm f/2.0

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  1. Kadams Media
  2. Outside In Studio
  3. Blue Kite Cinema
  4. Philip Bloom extras
  5. Moetic Films
  6. Morning Jacket Films
  7. Julie S
  8. Wheres The Fish Productions
  9. Imagine Photo Cinema
  10. Hampton Road
  11. Silver Feather Studios
  12. Sarah Pendergraft
  13. South China Morning Post
  14. Brighter Lights Media
  15. Ray Roman
  16. Jon Armendariz |NewYorkFilmworks
  17. Pennylane Productions
  18. Capture the Moment Media

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