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e.d.Films is an animation studio based out of Montreal, Canada. Driven to make and share meaningful stories, backed by strong technical and artistic skills, we take each production from conception to delivery.

We offer full-service pre-production, production, and post-production consulting as well as free online training tutorials. We also conceptualize and create our own projects.

Our work has been featured in festivals worldwide, garnering to date over thirty accolades and awards. Notably, "Do You Know What Nano Means?" won a Webby Award for “Best Animation” in 2011. Another project, “What to Do With CO2”, received a Webby nomination for “Best Animation” in 2012.

e.d.Films accompanies its philosophy with an active involvement in knowledge-sharing and education. Through online tutorials and live workshops, we teach other aspiring animators and filmmakers specialized tools and techniques.

We like to hear from potential collaborators, learn about compelling projects, offer consultation services, and take part in panels and events.

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