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  1. Rigging Multi-Layered Characters in After Effects

    6 videos

    These tutorial series break down steps for rigging, making realistic clothing, and animating a digital character puppet. All in After Effects using various plug ins.

  2. From Paper to After Effects

    4 videos

    A series of videos that demonstrates one possible process for taking an animated character from a script to the screen during the production of a real world project. This is an unfinished tutorial series. Please see "From Paper to After Effects Revisited: The Rocket Randee Tutorial Series"…

  3. Digital Animation Tutorials

    10 videos

    A general sampling of tutorials that cover character design, rigging, digital puppetry, camera positioning, lighting and character animation. If you have any suggestions for tutorial topics, please drop us a line at info@edfilms.net.

  4. Animating a Simple Character Head Rotation in After Effects

    4 videos

    This is a quick overview of one method to approach head rotations and Blink animations. It is not a definitive method, but if your character design suites the process it can be quite effective.

  5. Animating a Flying Character Using After Effects: The Rocket-Dee Series

    3 videos

    This is an in depth look at the process of creating an animated bird with a rocket pack in a snowy scene using After Effects, FreeForm and Particular.

  6. The Nanurluk Production Series

    110 videos

    The series covers Photoshop, After Effects and Maya, as well as creative approaches and methodologies for digital animation pipelines. The tutorials document some of the key tasks undertaken to complete the latest animated short film from TAQQUT Productions.

  7. From Paper to After Effects Revisited: Rocket Randee Tutorial Series

    21 videos

    Starting with the creation of a puppet character in Photoshop, the Rocket Randee series covers topics such as rigging in After Effects, storyboarding, creating concept art for backgrounds, creating a temporary score using Pro-Tools, laying out the scene, adding lighting and effects, animating the character,…

  8. Show Reel

    23 videos

    2013 Cinematic Show Reel for e.d.Films, with music by Alexis O'Hara and Daniel Gies.

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