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Daniel Guerrero (Madrid, 1979), a graduate in Advertising and Marketing with a Master’s in film from Universal Studios, from a very young age starts to make short films in video involving family and friends. He will spend the last year of high school in Boston where an elective class in film prompts him to write and direct his first short films in Super 8 and 16mm. Later, he will learn the trade working as a video assist in the production departments of many production companies. Them he continues to make short films that earn him recognition at industry festivals such as the grant NBC and 13th Street Universal awarded him to study a Master’s in film in Los Angeles.
Nowadays, Daniel works as an executive producer at Online Media (onlinemedia.es) and Wakeup Pictures, where he also develops works as a director of corporate videos, branded content and commercials for brands like Vichy, L’Oreal Paris and Sony among others.

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