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"Something has gone terribly wrong. The jet fighter is falling in flames, bringing horror to what appears to be an air show. As it turns over in slow motion like a burning piece of paper, a small black dot is falling too – is that the pilot? We don't know, and a second before they hit the ground Daniel McClennan's video loops back on itself and the blazing aircraft begins to fall again.

It never reaches the ground and its suspended crash becomes a tragic ballet, with a piano playing, as visitors to the student degree show at Goldsmiths in south London stop transfixed. Should we even be watching this deathly spectacle? And how can we stop?

McClennan has created a brilliant work of art, with the shock and unease of one of Andy Warhol's 1960s paintings of car crashes and suicides. It is one of the best new artworks I have seen this year, let alone at this month's student shows, and shows that Goldsmiths has not lost the ability to nurture daring artists that made it famous as the home of the Hirst generation." - Jonathan Jones, The Guardian. (2011)

Previous shows include:

'Surface Tension' group show at 'The Bear', Camberwell. (2011)

'Attempts To Get Inside The World' group show at 'Lewisham Arthouse.' (2011)

'Out: Art from Goldsmiths' group show at 'Ingenious Media', Piccadilly Circus. (2011)

'Supra-Sensorial Bin' group show at 'The Victorian Vaults', Old Street. (2012)

'Inward' with Rachel Wilson at 'Gallery on the Corner', Battersea (2012)

'Coda' solo show at 'Victorian Vaults', 82 Great Eastern Street, Old Street. (2013)

'Silent Cacophony'. 'Crash 2' projected onto wall of Tate Britain from Chelsea UAL. (2013)

'Q-Art' Annual Show. APT Gallery, Deptford. (2013)

'James, You Aren't Real (Maria's Dead)' solo show at 'Ladette Space' Peckham (2014)

Upcoming Shows:

Contact - micklennon101@hotmail.com

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